Scale Aerobatics

Our club again hosted another successful event. The Scale Aerobatics movement first began in Australia right here in Albury, only 4 years ago, and has become the fastest growing special interest group, with the largest active member base of any special interest group in Australia. Why is it so popular? Because its Fun to fly, the planes are great to fly, and quite easy to fly as well, and petrol is heaps cheaper than nitro. Give it a try.

The competitors began arriving on Thursday, and most had turned up by the start time of 10am on Friday. Flying was underway with Sportsman and Advanced classes up first. With only a slight breeze, and warm and sunny weather, the quality of flying was very high. With two rounds of all classes completed by a reasonable time. The unknown sequences were distributed for the next morning, and everyone retired to their accommodation to ponder and decipher these sequences, to sample the odd ale and talk about stuff. Saturday was again blessed with perfect weather. So following an awesome breakfast feast, with great bacon and egg rolls etc, flying began with the unknowns. Which for some proved to be definitely unknown. Two more round followed in perfect conditions. By now the better flyers were showing that lots of practice is the only way to achieve the top scores. And that lot of practice and knowing your plane well is more important than having the latest and greatest.

Saturday night’s dinner at the field was again a great success. The format of cooking your own steaks, when you feel like it, works well. The salads were great, the steaks were beautifully tender and HUGE, and the sticky date pudding was superb. No body left hungry. The big log near the control-line circle was set alight, and a spectacular bonfire was enjoyed by all.

Sunday saw another paradise perfect day, with flying starting by 8.30 following the obligatory beautiful bacon and egg rolls. All round were completed without incident, and the comp wrapped up by 2pm. Trophies were awarded and prized were distributed. We had enough prizes so that everyone who flew took home some wonderful modeling goodies. Thanks for the sponsorship supplied by Model Engines, Tates Hobbies, Desert Aircraft, Precission Aerobatics, Model Sports, Tee-Kay models, Addies Hobbies, and our own Albury Hobby Centre. Another successful event made possible with the help of the club members, in particular, Gusty, Blowie and Tim for field preparation, To Ray Chapman for catering organization, and to all the members and their wives and families who assisted during the weekend.