IMAC at Albury 2009

Well, well, well. Another great event held in Albury. This time it was again the Large Scale Aerobatics. The event sort of started on Friday with most of the entrants turning up to have a flight, to get their eye in and check the tuning of the engines. The event began in bright sunshine and a nice wind on Saturday, with all classes being pushed through by C.D. Wazza, achieving 3 rounds being flown.

This was a real bonus as we only needed an unknown and one round on Sunday. The standings were pretty much as expected, except for Murray Ellis showing a glimpse of his past prowess and flying very well in his first IMAC event. Sunday began with bacon and egg sandwiched, then into the unknown sequences. These are a new schedule that is given to the competitors only the night before. This only allows a brief practice with a stick plane over a beer or two, then flying it first thing in the morning without any practice. Great fun. All rounds for all classes were finished by two o’clock which allowed time for the collation of scores and presentation and plenty of time for the long distance travellers to get away early.

We had people from Tasmania and Broken Hill this time. There were no real incidents or crashes, except for Stu Davies losing a reed from the induction part of his 3W 210 engine. This was repaired quickly and flown in the next round.

A big thanks go to Blowie and the Wednesday Coffee Club for preparing the field, and to Ray Chapman and his helpers for providing such nice food over the weekend. All went home well fed and happy.