Mount Beauty 2010 – By Terry.S.

Autumn is with us and that means that two of TCMAC‟s great events have now been run and done. One of these events is our Scale Rally,the other is the TCMAC weekend away at Mt Beauty, which is a chance for us to dust of our floats and enjoy the thrill of flying off and over water.

This year, like most, several of the members got an early start arriving in Mt Beauty on Friday afternoon. Those of us that did not have private digs checked into our accommodation at either the Allamar Motel or the Alpenhorn. After checking in Evelyn and I went to the pondage to check on the water level. (That was a waste of time as the water level rose and fell over both days, but was always very good for flying). We met some of the Kiewa Valley Modellers who were flying ducted fan foamies from the airfield. We then headed off to the pub for dinner and to meet up with others as they arrived. There ended up being about 15 of us there.

Neville and Neil

Saturday morning it was off to Treats for a great breakfast. Then off to the pondage for flying. Once again the Kiewa Valley Modellers (KVM) had done an excellent job of preparing the flying site for us, a rope hand rail up the side of the wall and the walkway from which we flew was mown. The flying was wonderful. The water was very smooth and the sky was clear with little or no wind. Even the trees along the edge of the pondage bore the golds of autumn. In these conditions everyone flew often and well. Very little call on the rescue boat. The only major crash of the day was Blowie,not his plane but Blowie. He slipped on the wet rocks his feet went from under him and ended up on his Bum. But he still managed to hold the plane above his head without damaging it (his head or the plane). Blowie in the president‟s report claims he was the only one to take a tumble, but Trevor Pugh did manage a less dramatic one before him. We continued flying until about 4:00pm allowing the women to do the lunch run for us. For myself I had a most enjoyable Saturday.

Sunday was equally good, but I turned my Boomerang over on take off and damaged the wing. Easy repair. I had such a wonderful time on Saturday I did not feel like bringing another plane up the bank so I like many others just sat and watched the planes move through the scenic back drop. Blowie, Fraunie and Glewie also suffered damage to their planes, enough to stop them flying, but not so bad that they won‟t be back when next the water calls. Mount Beauty is such a magnificent place.

Indoor Flying.

RC Model aircraft size is moving in both directions, bigger motors, bigger airframes and on the other side the planes are getting smaller with technology advances.

Indoor flying is easier then ever bofore. Some aircraft now weigh only 20 grms (flying weight) and come complete with 2.4 Ghz RX and portable charger. These models are ready to bind to your standard 2.4 Ghz full size radio and allow you to go flying in a matter of minutes.

These small aircraft still have a huge fun factor and are a great way to pratice once you have learnt to fly. The slower flying planes are also very relaxing to fly and provide plenty of flight time even with only 3.6 volt 70 mah batterys. The smaller aircraft must be flown inside or on a complety calm day (not even a hint of wind) outside. The area required depends on the pilot however, a large hall or simular space is best. The best way to learn to fly these aircraft or the larger type is to join your local RC club and have a Gold Wing instuctor teach you all that is required.

If you are interested in Indoor Flying then contact matt at or come along to TCMAC and have a look at the larger aircraft..

Happy Flying…

Autumn Scale Rally 2010

Our third annual Autumn Scale Rally was the most successful so far, with over thirty pilots and more than forty aircraft entered. We had visitors from as far as Melbourne, Sydney and Lithgow and the local area.

Flying was conduced in ideal weather conditions, with no wind on either day. This is a no competition event, so pilots can enjoy their flying without any pressure. The only competition over the weekend was the selection of the aircraft to be awarded the “Pilots Choice Award‟. All pilots entered vote for the aircraft they like the best.


This years award want to John Gottschalk, from Melbourne for his Fokker DV1. Johns name will now be added to the Trophy displayed in the Club House. 

Highlight of the rally was the flight by Gary Sunderland of the Voisin biplane. Gary built the model to commemorate the first controlled, powered flight in Australia. This flight took place at Diggers Rest Victoria in 1910. The pilot of the aircraft was the world famous escape artist Harry Houdini.

There is a lot of information and photos of the Voisin and Houdini‟s flight on the internet, just type in Voisin and select a subject.