Wednesday Coffee Club

The coffee club started work to replace the safety fence in front of the pilot’s box. This is going to be a wire fence similar to the one recently installed at the back of the box.


The poles have been installed and hopefully the wire will be strung in the next few days.


Different to the rear fence, the front one will be only one metre high and will have a timber top rail. Once completed the existing safety fence will be removed.


What our members are building


Latest offering from that prolific builder Barry Kilpatrick is a huge Pilatus Porter PC-6. The model, an ARF from V.Q Models has a wing span of 107 inches and is 78 inches long. The aircraft is to be powered by a Supre Tigre 3000. The colourful aircraft was used a skydiving platform, makes a change from the drab military colour schemes usually seen on these aircraft.