Twin Cities Model Aero Club Control Line Hard Surface

Located at Twin Cities Model Areo Club Albury Australia is a purpose built control line hard surface. The control line surface was built a little over 2 years ago and has already hosted 2 national control line events at the site. Control line flying has a huge following of modelers with a keen interest in the sport. Many different areas of control line flying capture the interest of the general public and the model flyers.

Control Line Hard Circle
Control Line Hard Circle

Events and classes

Speed, Teamrace, Vintage, Combat, Bendix, Stunt, Goodyear, Jet Speed, Rat race and more.

Not only do the names sound interesting the events also are. The events such as combat and stunt often show the skill required to preform maneuvers that many people think can not be completed with control line models. Other events such as the Teamrace showcase the competitive side of the sport. The best thing of all about all types of Aero Modeling is just having fun. Future control line events are always planed for the TCMAC hard surface, just ask a TCMAC member or keep uptodate by checking the Events page. Nationals are also a great way to see all the different types of control line events on the hard and grass surfaces.

If you have been thinking about getting into flying model aircraft then contact your local club or TCMAC.

For futher information about joining TCMAC check the Contact page for contact details

Albury and Wodonga also has a great variety of accommodation available if you are plaining a stay while flying at a TCMAC event.

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