The APA championships (F3A Patten) have been run and won (not by me) over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd October 2010 and what a great weekend it turned out to be. With 30 entries down to fly from NSW & VIC it was going to be one of the better attended meets but as usual something seem to always get in the way and this time it was the AFL grand Final which as we all know was done twice so on the day we were down to 22 flyers which is still a good number.


Entrants started arriving on the Thursday with the Nugent family coming in from down river Mildura to do a bit of early practice, Young James who I think is about 12 years old is one of our top flyers and will represent his country one day for sure. Come Friday and the balance of the entrants started to pour in and all very keen to get in that last bit of practice.
Saturday morns bright and early with a start at 9am and things were off to a great start with 2 flight lines which had been marked out with our brand new kindly donated line marker, 2 groups were set up with F3A and Sportsman together and Advanced & Expert as the 2nd group.
When it came time for me to have my turn in front of the judges I found I had as usual left a small part at home!!! My „battery tray” so for me the first flight was a big fat ZERO as I raced home!!


Flying was of a very high standard in all classes and the weather gods were shinning on us as rain had been forecast for Sat afternoon and Sun morning but stayed away but in turn left a very strong wind in its place.
It‟s funny how one seems to have plenty of power until one lines up for a comp and then it appears that your power is way down compared to others?? Talking of power it would appear that elect models are the flavor of the month but the good old YS 170 super charged direct injection (now that‟s a mouthful) still has favor with some and I must admit it sounds great and has power to burn, I was hoping to pick up a few tit bits on elect but the only thing that came out of it for me was my model like me is “OVERWEIGHT” by quite a few ponds.
It was noted that the APA did stop flying at meal breaks to ensure the Canteen had a good go and many thanks to the girls and guys who put in the hard work as it was appreciated and while I‟m at it the comments came thick and fast as to how well we had presented the field for their use !! Again a big “thank you for the effort”
When all the dust had settled and after 2 crashes the event was over for another year with all the trophies given out one must make mention of the Bailey family from Melbourne who must like coming to Albury after cleaning up the trophies at the clubs Scale day a few weeks ago they did the same at the Patten event taking home a handful for both father & son.
For our club it was a good weekend with 2 events going on at the same time (Control Line & Patten).

Our local members should give some thought to entering next year’s event not so much in the thought of winning but more along the line of the enjoyment of competing and the experience one can gain in one flying skill as the Bailey family proved so have a go.
Till next year Cheers,