Graeme Test Flies his Rafale

Hi All,
I am happy to report a V. Successful test flight of the Rafale. I had always thought the landing would be challenging due to the canard / delta design, hadn’t thought about mundane things like taking off & flying.

Liftoff was smooth / No roll correction required. Needed 4 bangs of up trim. Took off on full throw elevator & switched to full rate aileron after a minute or two. Landing approach after 5 1/2 mins from the east, quite remarkable sink rate, needed 60% power to maintain height with the nose high approach, then bled the power off & smoothly touched down. C of G was correct as per Aviation design, but I will slowly move it rearwards & also check a web program to calculate it, it seems too far fwd, but, it worked I didn’t shake / rattle / roll at all.

Phew…… when I have a nana nap, I won’t wake within 2 mins with a high pulse rate, visualising the landing approach of the Rafale. Thanks to Kevin Dodd, MAAA sec who is a HM & GT Inspector, for the signing off.

Regards Graeme

Matt’s Depron Jet, First Flight

Sunday morning arrived and with most of my other aircraft in need of a little care and being a little time poor I was unable to attended our clubs club day. The after noon was different story, my F22 depron Eflight powered jet was reay for it’s first flight.

Depron F22

I packed up all my required flight gear and loaded the plane into the car (easy job) and headed to the field. The time was around five and the conditions at the field was great. First up I checked that all the hardware was firmly fixed to the air frame, every thing looked good. Next I checked that the control surfaces all operated in the correct directions and the the fail safe was correctly set up.

Depron F22

With all the pre flight checks completed it was now time for the first flight. I set the power to just above half throttle with a little up elevator and with a little throw launched the F22. Every thing seemed to be great with only a little adjustment required. I then proceeded to try a few maneuvers such as loop and rolls, with no problems. The flying weight of the plane is 160 grm’s and even at this weight the aircraft can handle a strong wind with out too much problem.

Depron F22

The next thing is to add some colour now that the flight tests has proved to be so great. I also now need to get rid of all the tape and mount the battery and other equipment in a better fashion.