Australia Day 2014 – Aussie Plane 1913 Robins and Porter

Aussie Plane 1913 Robins and Porter

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Aussie Bloke Ken


Australia Day seemed the right day to fly the flag so I thought I’d bite the bullet and give the Robbins – Porter mono- plane another airing, this time with the Aussie flag attached a little ahead of the balance point for luck, so fingers crossed, she was airborne in half the width of the strip, heading south with no unusual problems.
Point proven that a 30cm x 22 cm flag had no visible effect, I wouldn’t worry about a larger flag next year, God willing! As it wasn’t calm enough for the commemorative flight last year (July 27th) I plan to do it July 27th this year, now we know it will handle light winds.


Without a doubt this is the most forgiving model I’ve ever built, thanks to the foresight of the enthusiastic Historical Society Committee who took it on board to construct the replica now on display at the Albury Library Museum.


What our Members are building:

Barry is at it again, no sooner has he completed the Persian Fury, he has another project on the way. This time it is not quite a build as a restoration. The aircraft in question is a Henschel Hs 123. The unfinished and un- flown model was built by the late Lloyd from Sydney.

Lloyd was a master builder of large scale models and the Henschel is a magnificent example of his skills. The aircraft is almost completely covered with litho plate to simulate the metal construction and is extremely highly detailed both inside and out. The model is rather heavy due to the extensive detail, the working undercarriage is an amazing piece of model engineering. Barry intends to lighten the model without diminishing any of the detail. The aircraft is built to 1⁄4 scale with a wing span of 2.3 metres, a petrol engine is planned to the finished model providing it can be fitted into the opening engine cowl.

Heston Phoenix

Blowie is well advanced with his latest project, a Heston Phoenix. This aircraft is being scratch built from his own plans, being scaled up from a three view drawing.


Six of these aircraft were built in England in the 1930‟s. The Phoenix was a single engine, high wing monoplane made of plywood and fabric covered. It was powered by a de Havilland Gypsy Six engine and had hydraulically operated retractable undercarriage. Blowies model is just under quarter scale and is now getting close to the painting stage.

Clipped Wing Cub, Barry Kilpatrick

Barry Kilpatrick is well advanced with his 1⁄4 scale Clipped Wing Cub. The aircraft is being built from a Sig Kit and will be highly detailed. When last inspected I noted that all the rib stitching was in place and the scale working undercarriage has been finally installed.


Barry is still looking for an accurate colour scheme for the aircraft, he wants to avoid the standard blue and white sun burst scheme that is seen on most Clipped Wing Cubs. If anyone has a photo of a different colour scheme, Barry would be most interested.