Indoor Flying.

RC Model aircraft size is moving in both directions, bigger motors, bigger airframes and on the other side the planes are getting smaller with technology advances.

Indoor flying is easier then ever bofore. Some aircraft now weigh only 20 grms (flying weight) and come complete with 2.4 Ghz RX and portable charger. These models are ready to bind to your standard 2.4 Ghz full size radio and allow you to go flying in a matter of minutes.

These small aircraft still have a huge fun factor and are a great way to pratice once you have learnt to fly. The slower flying planes are also very relaxing to fly and provide plenty of flight time even with only 3.6 volt 70 mah batterys. The smaller aircraft must be flown inside or on a complety calm day (not even a hint of wind) outside. The area required depends on the pilot however, a large hall or simular space is best. The best way to learn to fly these aircraft or the larger type is to join your local RC club and have a Gold Wing instuctor teach you all that is required.

If you are interested in Indoor Flying then contact matt at or come along to TCMAC and have a look at the larger aircraft..

Happy Flying…