Club Awards

Life Members

Graham Porter

Graham Porter – Perpetual Trophy For Best Modeler

Graham Porter Award

First awarded in 1976, This award represents a modeler that built model aircraft to a very high standard.

1984 – Ken Osborne

1983 – Ken Osborne

1980 – R.Parker

1979 – I.Warhurst

1978 – Graham Porter

1977 – Don Fell

1976 – Don Fell

Club Man Of The Year

This award was introduced to Twin Cities in 2000. It is worked on a points scoring system were by a member taking part in any club organised event, including general meetings, appearances at fly-in’s, Attending other clubs organised events etc….will be awarded with points that accumulate until the AGM in each year. The award will be a small keep sake for the member to wear and a Perpetual Trophy As we can only have one award per year should a dead heat arise the following criteria will deem the winner A club member will be awarded the honour over a committee member. The newest member will be awarded the honour over a club member.

2010- Roger Sonnenrein

2009 – Michael Ribstein

2008 – Ken Osborne

2007 – Ken Petts

2006 – Don Tester

2005 – Matthew Woodroffe

2004 – John Elias

2003 – Ray Chapman

2002 – Jason Maher

2001 – John Nicholas

President Award

The presidents’ award was introduced in 2002 as an award that the president should make to a member for any reason he sees fit.


2009 – Barry Kilpatrick

2008 – Matthew Woodroffe

2007 – Terry Silver

2006 – David Balfour

2005 – Criag Colman

200* – Gusty Gale

200* – Chris Gale

200* – Berni Menz

Engineering Excellence

2005 saw the introduction of a new Annual Award, with perpetual Trophy. Over the many years of the Club’s History, several innovative creations have been seen at TCMAC, and it was felt that these events should not go unnoticed or unnrecognised.

2005 – Craig Colman

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