Craig Coleman Timed Event

This event, held annually at the TCMAC field, is held in memory of Craig Coleman. Craig was a long-standing member of TCMAC who died suddenly 8 eight years ago. Craig was renowned for his long flights, so it was seen to be fitting to run an event to remember Craig with an fun Competition that was based on flight duration.
The contest involves pilots flying for as close to 30 minutes without the aid of any timing device. Pilots may fly any aircraft either solo or as a team.
The winner is the pilot who lands closest to the 30-minute mark.
The event is run closest to the date of Craig’s passing, this year, the 7th year of the event was run a little late due to conflicting events, unfortunately by running a little late we struck the cold weather which made it a bit chilly standing (or sitting) on the flight line for half an hour.
Thirteen members entered the competition this year and both the winner and last place getter were awarded prizes.
Last place prize went a team comprising of Neil Baker, Alwyn Brunton and Tony Hamilton with a flight time of (1 minute and 30 seconds !!!!) a bit short of the 30-minute target.
First place went to Alwyn Brunton with a flight time of (27 minutes and 51 seconds)
The longest flight went to Michael Guinness with a total time of over 40 minutes.

All those in attendance had a great time even though most didn’t venture far from the fire cracking inside the fireplace in the clubhouse.