APA Championships


What is, or are, the APA champs you might well ask? Well here is a quick answer. The Australian Precision Aerobatics is a special interest group that controls F3A pattern flying in Aust on behalf of the MAAA and, as was pointed out on the weekend, have been holding there championships at TCMAC now for over 15yrs because its one of the best sights in Australia, and the are always made welcome.


Now to the event itself !! We had 25 entrants with 21 attending the weekend of which 3 were from TCMAC in 2 classes ADVANCE AND EXPERT. In Advanced Rob Hullett & Myself had a close struggle all weekend with only 70 points in total to separate us over 4 rounds .

I had run into some problems with my $200 prop delaminating on the 3rd round so Rob loaned me his model so I could carry on, and this was quite interesting, as I had only had a short fly of the model on Wednesday prior whilst doing some trimming and was not prepared for the difference in how it flew compared to mine, but with a lot of help from my caller Chris Henry, we got through, so a big thanks to Rob in trusting me with his pride and joy.

The end result was Wassa first & Rob in 2nd and Tony from Tasmania in 3rd.

In Expert class John Bran cleared out from the rest but a “HOT“ competition was going on between Chris Henry & Phil Spence from the ACT with Chris ending up in 2nd & Phil in 3rd with only 14 points diff over the 4 rounds, very close indeed, with a total of 8 in this class. The top class Masters was once again taken out by Dennis Travassaros who was a cut above the rest although Russell Edwards in 2nd place had his own problems with a strong wind coming through and picking up his model and breaking the rudder off, so he also had to fly with someone else’s model and Geoff Healey took out 3rd. This class had a total of 9 entrants. The windy conditions lasted all weekend, which made flying more challenging, but we all got through with no incidents model wise and yes, there were some very expensive toys out there, especially one biplane which certainly set a new standard in looks.

Now to the club members especially Rob Hullett who gave of their time to set up and run the canteen so as to make some funds for the club and this also applies to the ground staff who as always gave us a perfect flying sight.


All in all a great weekend with some difficult flying conditions “WIND” was had by all but talking about the WIND I watched the wind sock rotate 180 deg in a 1 min time frame and this happened all day.


Cheers, Wassa


Wassa has some pictures to add once he learns how to send them – Editor