Craig Coleman Timed Event 2019

The Eighth Annual Craig Coleman Timed Flight Comp.
This event was held last Sunday in rather cool conditions, it was the first day this year that the fire was lite in the Club House.
Despite the cool conditions 19 members participated in the comp, some as sole pilots others as teams.
The aim of the comp is to fly for as close to 30 minutes without the use of any timing devise, all pure guess work. Pilots are timed from the start of the take off roll to the end of the landing roll.
Times varied from as short as 16 minutes 17 seconds to as long as 43 minutes 11 seconds.
This year 6 pilots / teams actually finished somewhere in the 30 minute range.
The final winners were the team of Blowie and his student pilot Tom with a time of 30 minutes and 20 seconds.