Old Timers Day

A report by Neil Sharp

Up early Saturday morning to pick up food for lunch, it was a beautiful clear, calm day for our “Old Timers Day”.

When arriving at the field, Edwin and Chris were already there to test their new Zephyrs. Edwin flew well straight out of the box and Chris was just as good with a little packing under the trailing edge.

Tim, Ken and myself had a yarn about the coming events;

There were 4 events to start the day off

  1. Around the pole and circle back
  2. Total number of loops in 15 seconds
  3. Climb and glide
  4. Mass start and glide

All up we had 9 started but we lost 2 planes straight off, Neil crashed and Wassa had trouble with the Dutch Roll and then landing on a fence.


  • Around the Pole results
  • 1st – Ken
  • 2nd – Geoff
  • 3rd – Edwin
  • Loops in 15 Seconds
  • 1st – Tim
  • 2nd – Ken & Geoff
  • 3rd – Edwin

This event was highlighted by Tim with 10 loops followed by the best wing flutter you would ever like to see.

  • Climb & Glide (15 second Motor Run)

Chris was away first with a very good Climb & Glide. The Zephyr looked good in the sky.

  • 1st – Chris
  • 2nd – Tim
  • 3rd – Edwin

The mass start didn’t go ahead.

Eric ran up the 1/2cc diesel and gave a short demo flight and on Ken’s last flight, the Playboy got caught downwind and hit a fence.

A lot of laughs and fun was had by all.

Thanks go out to all who competed, and to the helpers with timing and judging (a special thanks to Neil Sharp for organising the event – editor)

Also special thanks to Darrell Smailes for cooking the BBQ lunch and cleaning up after.

It is hoped to schedule another “Old Timers Day” in 3 or 4 months so start building now and don’t miss out (apparently there is already an new Zephyr on someones building board as we speak)

Happy Flying

For pictures of the event head over to the Gallery page or click this link :

Event Pictures

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