Member Update on Coronavirus

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, it is more important than ever that we follow directions and advice from health authorities and governments. This is not to say however we cannot continue to participate in our aeromodelling activities. We all, however, must consider our fellow club members and practice safe hygiene and preventative practices. The fact the average age of our members is within the vulnerable age sector, makes it more imperative we all are extra vigilant and cautious.

Clubs and members will have to consider their own individual circumstances however, the following suggested information is provided to assist in protecting yourself and other members; allowing all to continue to participate.

Hygiene: Clubs should endeavour to supply hand cleaning material or better still, members should bring their own.All members should adopt good hygiene practices when associating with members.Members should not use communal cups and other kitchen utensils. Bring your own, you know the health of those who have used it previously.Members should wash hands after opening/closing club locks doors, refrigerators etc. Avoid touching face and mouth before doing so.Avoid personal contact with members i.e. do not shake hands.Consider not supplying food i.e. Barbecues, communal meals. Ask members to bring their own.If supplying food members should wear gloves and possibly masks to prevent contamination.Do not sneeze or cough over food or other members.If you have any of the Coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue or difficulty breathing) – self isolate and don’t attend the flying field until you are feeling better.If suffering from any other illness or chronic medical condition, consider not attending the flying field.Increase hygiene/cleaning of facilities in club toilets.

Club Events: Consider cancelling if it involves attendance of members from other clubs or the public.Consider postponing large events.Recommend members bring their own food and drinks etc.Member with Coronavirus symptoms should not attend.

Members Returning from Overseas: If returning from overseas – self isolate and do not attend the flying field for at least 14 days. Stay home and work on your models.If mixing with family or friends that have returned from Overseas – self isolate and do not attend the field for at least 14 days.The above suggestions are not exhaustive, and clubs must implement other preventative procedures they consider appropriate.

All clubs are individual incorporated organisation and can make their own rules and policies. Clubs may consider putting in temporary rules to enforce any action deemed necessary to protect members.

Best regards,

Neil Tank

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