NO Flying & NO entry to Parker field for socialising

Hi All, the best advice I can get is that we have no option but to close Parker Field,  effective immediately. Despite being located in NSW, I am lead to believe that, as we are VMAA affilliated, we must comply and, it is likely that this directive will remain in force for some weeks.

The VMAA, with whom we affiliate have notified that all fields are to be closed:

Quote from the VMAA notice

As per Victorian State Government direction as of midnight 25 March 2020, all social sport-based activity was to cease.
Based on this advice, the VMAA has no choice but in directing all clubs to close until further notice. If any club member has any concerns with the above, you can contact this office via your club secretary.
Naturally, as soon as we have any news / updates, I will contact everyone immediately.

This means lots of building / detailing / repairs. Hopefully the website will be inundated with contributions to ” What’s on the workbench”.  Email David Tulk  with a description & pictures and he will load them onto the website. 

Graeme Frauenfelder   President TCMAC   0412214141