Porpunkah Weekend

A report by Dave Tulk

A few hardy TCMAC members ventured away to the mountains last weekend for the annual TCMAC Porpunkah weekend hosted by the Bright Aero Modelers’.

We all set off from different locations and times but ended up at the picturesque Porpunkah Airport mid-morning to be greeted by a stiff 25 klm wind. The only saving grace was that it was straight down the runway.

Some of the less adventurist among us (me included) were content to leave the models in the car and observe how it was done by the IMAC boys who had come along. Beechworth Bob also braved the conditions and put on a great display of Cub flying (sometimes backwards) and STOL capabilities.

As most of the ladies had been dropped off in Bright to shop, and after a magnificent lunch put on by our hosts, the flyers (and non-flying chickens) were able to enjoy a slow-paced afternoon in preparation for the obligatory evening drinks.

4:00 o’clock saw the flying draw to a close as some were getting thirsty and it was arranged to meet at the rear of the motel for some light refreshments before venturing off to the local Pub for a meal.

Some of the Wang boys joined us at the motel and again for dinner where much mirth and merriment were had, along with some tall and very tall tales told.

Sunday morning dawned and we met for breakfast and then out to the field for a quick fly before heading home. Upon arrival the conditions were found to be perfect and we hastily prepared our models for flying. We did have a Para Glider pilot to keep us company for a while, but all courtesies were maintained.

All in all another excellent weekend away, if you haven’t been on this trip before, consider it next year, it is an awesome experience.

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