What to do when you can’t meet at the airfield to fly

Virtual IMAC Competition

A report by Tony Ball

Day 1

Today we competed in a socially distanced IMAC competition.  All done online in a fb event page.

We had 17 pilots enter the first ever ‘Virtual Wings over Wang’ IMAC competition.

34 flights were flown and judged today,  with 17 more tomorrow. 

Day 2

Our ‘Virtual Wings Over Wang’s IMAC competition was a great success. 

We all video taped our flights on rc flight simulators, and then uploaded them, with our name, class and round number to a Facebook events page. 

The pilots who were rostered to judge, viewed the videos of the class and round as per roster. I had to judge round 1, sportsman yesterday, and round 3 advanced today.

All scores were sent via private messenger to the contest  director, Scott Bardney.

The scores were then transferred to the IMAC computers as per normal and will be uploaded to the Scale Aero’s website https://www.scaleaeros.com.au/

Thanks go to Scott, Darren and Jon for setting this up with very little notice. 

Results :


A video will be available soon over on the Gallery Page on the website.