Flying Again Soon

With the relaxation of restrictions about to commence across the country, the VMAA have approved, and NSW State regulations allow us, to start flying again from Friday 15th May.


New rules will apply to ensure everyones safety and these need to be strictly adhered to or the field may again be closed .

Rules to note:

Please take note of the COVID 19 social distancing requirements / hand sanitiser / washing hands. These rules are still very much with us.

Sitting in the Beer Garden would be permissible, it’s outdoors. Mind you, it’ll be a bit chilly. The clubhouse itself should not be used. As COVID 19 restrictions are quite clear in regards to the number of people allowed inside, it is best that the rooms are not utilised at present, thus avoiding excess number of people huddling around a fire. If you need a coffee between flights, consider bringing along a thermos from home to avoid using the kitchen facilities.

The NSW government has set a limit of 10 people at outdoor venues which, we are confident that we can accommodate as follows:

10 people max in the Western end of the Pits for pilots using the main strip;

10 people max in the Eastern end of the Pits for pilots using the #2 strip known as the Electric strip ( now complete with shade sail) &

10 people max at the Control Line circles.

As we are open for FLYING so, if you don’t bring a model and intend to fly, then it’s best to stay home. We don’t want flyers arriving and find the area full of people out for just a chat.

Visitors have to be discouraged.

TCMAC as a Club must do the right thing. No choice there.

IF we have a touch of beautiful sunny Autumn weather over the weekend, it would be reasonable to suggest that the normal weekday 9-5 workers be given priority. After all, most of us can fly any day of the week.

It seems that if Australia stays on track, rules will be relaxed even more in a matter of weeks.

HAPPY and SAFE Flying.