IMAC Echuca

Another Virtual Competition

A report by Tony Ball

The IMAC guys refuse to let a global pandemic from holding an IMAC competition. This weekend we are running “Virtual Echuca IMAC 2020” online from our own lounge rooms. 

We all fly our IMAC sequences on an RC Simulator, mine is Real Flight 9.0, and video it on a mobile phone, then upload it to a Facebook event page, “Virtual Echuca IMAC 2020”.

Judges are selected from the pilots that have entered the competition, as per usual. The flight is scored on paper, photographed and uploaded to the competition director’s private FB messenger.

All scores are entered into the computer as per normal and uploaded to the ASAA website.

Today we all had two flights, the first had to be uploaded before 11 am, the second by 3 pm. Tomorrow we will fly the final round before 11 am. We also ran a freestyle round, just for fun.

Freestyle is judged on likes (1 point) and loves (2 points) received. Although nothing like attending a “reality world’ competition, it does bring us together to practice our passion in a competition like environment. 
IMAC in general. 

Being an active member of the IMAC community for the past 3 1/2 years has improved my flying skills and developed many new and close friendships.

We meet roughly once a month at various flying fields including Parkes, Cootamundra, Echuca, Wangaratta, and many more. Last year’s Nationals were in Dalby, Qld where 10 planes from Victoria were transported in two trailers allowing the rest of us to use domestic airlines to get there.

IMAC is a lot of fun and highly recommended to any RC pilot. The “Basic” class can be entered using any type of plane, like a trainer etc. Higher classes require a scale IAC plane. 

We have TCMAC booked in for a competition on 27-28 June, but still unsure whether we will be able to run it yet.

Click here to see a video of Tony’s Round 1 flight