VMAA Heavy Model Notification

Heavy Models and Inspections

25 November 2021

Hi All

A reminder from our State Heavy Model Inspector, Mr David Law regarding the building of heavy models.
There are guidelines provided by the MAAA MOP but there are also other considerations you need to understand and ensure a successful outcome.

The notification intent is to provide some guidance and considerations if you venture into the area of heavy models
Please click on the link below to review:

Heavy Model Notification  

The VMAA HMI Listing has been updated after the successful audit conducted over the past two months.
The list contains HMI that are prepared to conduct an inspection and ensure your aircraft is airworthy and meets the criteria of a Heavy Model.

VMAA HMI Listing

If you wish to contact the State Heavy Model Inspector (SHMI)  please click on the following link:


Please stay safe and keep strong.
VMAA Secretary

The TCMAC website also has a list of TCMAC members who hold Heavy Model Inspector accreditation which can be found under the Resources TAB on the Home page.

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