Glider Day & Fun Fly

Reports By David Tulk & Alwyn Brunton

Glider Day

A windy day greeted the Glider Pilots on Saturday and even though we were low on numbers, those that attended had a good time with some excellent thermal activity in the morning. Charlie set up his winch and Rob Hullet had his tow plane ready.

As not many pilots attended, no formal competition took place. I had a go on the winch, but with the wind changing direction regularly, winch operations were stopped and there were no takers for the aero tow.

Alwyn and Eric cooked up a nice sausage sizzle lunch which was very much appreciated by all those members in attendance.

We have another glider day scheduled for January 15th (see the TCMAC Calendar for details) and we hope more members will take the opportunity to join in.

Fun Fly

Lovely weather was provided for this event on Sunday. There were 17 entries and, being a “Fun Fly” the activities were not based on flying ability, entrants and spectators had an enjoyable time.

There were a number of prizes provided by Albury RC Models (Our Sponsor) and Tony Gyoles.

Terry Hubbard won the main prize. This was awarded to the person who completed their manoeuvres as close as possible to the mystery time provided by a spectator.

There were other prizes awarded based on pilots names drawn from a hat followed by a roll of the dice.

Thank you Tony Gyoles for organising such a wonderful event

If you missed out on this event, we have another Fun Fly scheduled for January 16th (see the TCMAC Calendar for details) where more fun and frivolity will be had.

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