APA Championships

A Report By Alwyn Brunton

TCMAC hosted the Australian Precision Aerobatics round on the weekend of 11 – 14 March. There were 38 entrants from all over Southeast Australia including QLD and South Aus. Three TCMAC members entered in Chris Henry, Rob Hulett and Warren Leach.

Weather was perfect and some entrants started to arrive on Monday 7th March to get in some practice. This was necessary as some QLD and NSW clubs were underwater. I was told that the Pittwater clubhouse is 3 metres underwater.

A big thank you goes to all the TCMAC members who chipped in and made the event a huge success. A lot of positive comments were made by the participants and their families regarding the fantastic facility we have, the quality of the catering and the overall presentation of the facility.

Many do not see how much effort goes into the planning and preparation for such an event. A big “shout out” goes to Rob and Heather Hulett. Rob spent many days prior to the event preparing, and he and Heather spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen cooking and serving food. Another member who spent a lot of time from breakfast to after lunch is Phil Moss. I thank all other members who gave their time, it is truly appreciated. Hosting these type of events brings in some much needed funds into the club coffers so we can maintain and continue to improve our facilities.

It was good to see Wassa on the podium with a trophy for his efforts. Unfortunately, Rob Hulett had an aircraft malfunction which caused him to withdraw from further competition on day one and Chris finished just off the podium in his category.

Don’t forget we are hosting the Victorian Precision Aerobatics Assoc (VPA) on April 23rd and 24th so we will be calling on members to again assist with this fund raising event, and a reminder that the field will be unavailable to members for regular club flying over the two days.

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