Vickers Vulcan

Vickers Vulcan

In 1922 the Vickers company made an attempt to produce a low-cost airliner that would pay its way without any Government subsidy.

The result was the short lived, and ugly, Vickers Vulcan that became known as the Flying Pig.

A total of 9 aircraft were built between 1922 and 1926. The first aircraft had a spectacularly short life. After being delivered to Instone Airlines in March 1924, was scrapped in May 1924.

Two aircraft, the sixth and seventh built were ordered by Qantas for use on the Charleville- Cloncurry service and shipped to Melbourne for acceptance trials. In high midsummer temperatures the aircraft disgraced itself. On the flight from Melbourne to Longreach it is reported that the aircraft barely cleared the roof tops on take off and could not reach any of the stated performance criteria.

Qantas was so unimpressed with the Vulcan that the order was cancelled, and the aircraft put back in the box, and the second aircraft was not assembled and was shipped back to England.

The last Vulcan crashed and burned in July 1928, ending the career of the Flying Pig.

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