TATES RC WORLD F3A Pattern Championships

A Report by Warren WASSA Leach

Over the weekend of April 13th and 14th, the above event was held at TCMAC with some top notch flying going on. We had 4 entrants in the event with Adair Becker, Rob Hullett, Chris Henry & Warren Leach all having a go with some great results.

Overall entries were down when compared with previous events with 12 entered and 11 actually attending. This was a bit of a shame but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Several categories were contested over the two days with 4 entered in F3A [top class], 2 in Expert, 3 in Advanced & 2 in Sportsman. 

First up was F3A and I had a go at judging using the new comp system which was quite a eye opener. After 1 1/2 hrs in the chair I was totally stuffed, but at least I new how the new system worked and wont be rushing back to have another go. 

In SPORTSMAN, TCMAC member Adair flew very well, and won all 6 rounds. The result earned him a promotion point, so it wont be long before he goes up a class. 

The ADVANCED class was very close, with positions changing each round, but in the end Rob Hullett showed us all how it is done taking out first place with myself being put back to 3rd.

Expert class saw Chris compete and he again showed excellent skills in winning every round with some great flying but alas, no promotion point earned this time, just missing out by 5 points.

All of our TCMAC flyers flew very well indeed and Adair will be joining the guys in advanced very shortly and move over Chris as Rob Hullett is going strong and is surely on the path tow join you in Expert shortly and give you a sparring partner.

Not sure how the Canteen went with such low numbers but the food was great and thanks to Ron, Bob & Ken for helping out it was appreciated.


On behalf of the MAAA, I am sending through this email to update our members on the proposed CASA Registration and Accreditation Scheme outcome for MAAA Clubs and Members.  Your Executive prepared significant supporting documentation for Mr Shane Carmody, the Director of Aviation Safety (CASA) in light of the proposed registration and Accreditation of RPA’s within Australia. On Monday 25th March the MAAA Secretary met with three high level managers of CASA in Chris Monaghan, Anthony Stanton and Luke Gumley. This was in relation to the direction of the CASA registration and accreditation system. The material presented included significant information on the historical safety performance of the MAAA.  

The MAAA Executive is pleased to confirm that the exemption for all MAAA club locations and other flying sites will be achieved.  Flying sites other than actual club sites, for example once a year float plane sites, will need to be identified, confirmed and approved by your State Association.  Once these sites are confirmed, the MAAA membership will not be required to undertake any further registration or accreditation for these sites.  Documenting these sites in the MAAA exemption list will require your clubs’ involvement with your State Association.  The MAAA has again worked tirelessly to achieve these exemptions.

In summary:

  1. No operational change or registration required for any MAAA member flying at a MAAA Club.
  2. No operational change or registration required for any MAAA member flying at a MAAA flying site outside of a club location (locations to be identified and included on a flying site list to be established by your State Association).
  3. Clubs or flying sites currently operated with a current Area Approval (height extension etc.) are NOT affected by any proposed CASA Registration or accreditation scheme. (i.e. These sites already have an instrument and conditions in place for MAAA members at those sites and are exempt from impacts).
  4. Operation of non-motorised models/gliders is currently exempt from CASA registration at any location (all MAAA clubs/flying sites and other locations). This includes but not limited to Discuss Launch Gliders and slope soaring activities etc.

I hope this information serves to further reduce any of our memberships fear on the impact of the CASA Registration and Accreditation scheme and demonstrates the continued dedication of the MAAA to our members, clubs and state associations. On saying this the MAAA will continue to work with CASA to ensure the rights of MAAA members are considered in any further discussions. We will continue to monitor the progress to ensure what has been agreed is implemented.

Tyson Dodd
Secretary, MAAA (tel: 0499 060 611)

Neil Tank
President, MAAA

Craig Coleman Timed Event 2019

The Eighth Annual Craig Coleman Timed Flight Comp.
This event was held last Sunday in rather cool conditions, it was the first day this year that the fire was lite in the Club House.
Despite the cool conditions 19 members participated in the comp, some as sole pilots others as teams.
The aim of the comp is to fly for as close to 30 minutes without the use of any timing devise, all pure guess work. Pilots are timed from the start of the take off roll to the end of the landing roll.
Times varied from as short as 16 minutes 17 seconds to as long as 43 minutes 11 seconds.
This year 6 pilots / teams actually finished somewhere in the 30 minute range.
The final winners were the team of Blowie and his student pilot Tom with a time of 30 minutes and 20 seconds. 

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fund Raiser

Event will be at Bunnings WODONGA Store from 9am through to 4pm. Below is the Roster, if you can assist please come along anytime to help out.

9-10amMichael G
Neil S
Tim K
Rob H
10-11amMichael G
Neil S
Tim K
11-12pmMichael G
Tony H
Graeme F
12-1 pmGeoff M
Ray C
Andy G
1-2 pmGeoff M
Edwin F
2-3 pmWebby
Edwin F
Rob H
Don C
Don C
Rob H