Whats on the bench – Tiger Moth

This Tiger Moth kit supplied by the Value Planes Company is a highly detailed kit and is available from Albury RC Models, who are the Australian agent for the supplying company.

The aircraft is 1:3.8 scale with a wing span of 2.3 metres and is an extremely detailed representation of the De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth. 

The kit comes with a highly detailed set of drawings and instruction booklet. The materials supplied are of a very high quality, from the timber to the water cut stainless steel metal fittings. An interesting feature of the kit is that there is almost no Balsa supplied, it is all high quality pine and hardwood, as the Americans would say “the lumber is very good”!

Fellow club member Ray Chapman is also building the same kit and it has almost become a joint project between Ray and myself, lots of phone calls between the two of us.

A special note about the construction of the wings. The wings in the kit are built almost exactly like the wings of the full size aircraft as can be seen in the accompanying photos.

Another TCMAC member who has been assisting with the aircraft construction is Neil Sharp. Neil has in the past had considerable experience working on full size Tiger Moths and has been invaluable with his knowledge of the aircraft’s construction.

Both Ray’s and my aircraft are well advanced and should be ready for test flights in the near future.

Progress report.

Engine module now completed and installed.  This system of building a module allows the engine mount to include not only the engine, but also the fuel tank, ignition module, ignition battery and throttle servo. This is a system originally designed by Lockheed Aircraft for the C-130 Hercules and the L-188 Electra. It allowed for what is known as a QEC or Quick Engine Change. This allowed the engine, gearbox, propeller and a section of the tail pipe to be removed in one operation. Works well on model aircraft too !!!!

Cowl detail is now in progress including a dummy hinge that runs the full length of both sides of the cowl. This hinge is pressed out of .005 thick Litho Plate and inserted from inside the cowl, certainly looks like a long hinge. More detail such as latches etc will be fitted later. If any one is interested in building this type of dummy hinge, note the photo attached of the pressing tool used to build them 

Tail plane is now covered and fitted, the model is now starting to look like a Tiger Moth.

Trial assembly undertaken, ready to cover the fuselage and go on to paint.