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Tim Farrugia’s Calmato Maiden Flight

Mick Blakeman’s Freewing B24 Maiden

Tony Small’s Hangar 9 D VII Maiden

Mick Blakeman’s Freewing AL37 Maiden

Andrew Ward’s Hangar 9 Spitfire

TCMAC EDF Fun Fly held 14 June 2020

TCMAC member Tony Ball takes part in a Virtual IMAC Competition

TCMAC member Rob Sargent maidens Dave Tulk’s Balsa USA Dr1

TCMAC member Andrew Ward test flies his new Hangar 9 Viking

Classic Scale event November 2019
Glider action at TCMAC
TCMAC 2019 Autumn Scale Rally
TCMAC Club member Rob Sargent demonstrating his new Jet at Echuca

After a successful first flight at the last Wang Jets meet, Rob brought his new bird out to the club to fly it from his home field……….. Awesome.

Lets hope we see it flying more often, and maybe together with President Graeme’s Panther.

Club Member Tony Gyoles with his mean Lynx @ TCMAC’s home airfield

Follow the intrepid Biggles as he takes to the skies